Herman Cain, Aaron Schock, Marco Rubio

Herman Cain. Aaron Schock. Marco Rubio. American politics is rife with minority successes who’ve disdained their people. We look into the strange psychology of racist Black Republicans, homophobic gay congressmen, anti-immigrant Latino senators, and their misdirected power.

It is easy to understand people lacking empathy for struggles they’ve not experienced. It is harder to understand a lack of empathy from those who have overcome systemic injustices.

What happens when these unempathetic achievers become policymakers and media influencers? For better or worse, their impact on the American political landscape is no longer hypothetical.

Herman Cain and the Art of Denial

Herman Cain was born in 1945 and grew up “poor but happy” in the historically racist Deep South. His meteoric rise…

Instagram Images from Paris Hilton, Megan The Stallion, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Lizzo

In a world where a women’s ownership over her own beauty, sexuality and body is constantly scrutinized and controlled, Is posting my bikini selfies truly a choice of self presentation or just aligning with the cultural norms of the patriarchy? If we still live in a deeply misogynistic world, Can the bikini selfie really ever be empowering?

I recently started using social media again after a long break, Twitter being my app of choice for it’s jokes, memes and stories as well as finding opportunities, writing advice and support. During my hours of endless scrolling I couldn’t help but notice the constant appearances of nude and bikini selfies that showed up on my feed. I’m not conservative, prudish or sex negative but I was surprised by the amount of exhibitionism. Even thinking about critiquing these posts made me…

Group Of Men waving African American Flag: Credit: Parkwood, Disney, Universal

Last month Beyonce released her third film Black is King, a modern humanized update of the Disney Classic The Lion King. Praised by critics for being visually stunning, opulent and powerful; It has not escaped the critiques from Africans and African Americans alike. Critics claimed it to be capitalistic, exploitative and presenting outdated imagery of Africa. Is Black is King a cultural feat in promoting black beauty, art and the message of empowerment? Or is it an opulent commodification of African culture?

words by Maryam Perez

“You are welcome to come home to yourself” she instructs the viewer while standing on a beach seemingly floating in a mass of white fabric. Black is King, a young man’s journey of self discovery starts with an invitation to return to the place where life began. She goes on to acknowledge the viewer’s pain of feeling insignificant in this world and how hard it is to change. The chorus repeats “You are bigger than what they allowed us to see”. This film doesn’t do subtle, every scene grabs your attention, every song is a call…


Creative & Curious. Loud Mouth Broad. I explore complicated feelings, fashion and the intricacies of being a human.

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